Sunday, November 3, 2013

For Your Information....

As usual, work with The Toa Nafasi Project continues apace and I am racing to keep up with own speed!  But it's fun and rewarding and I can't believe that in only six short weeks, I'll be back in Tanzania, doing the on-the-ground work that I love so much.

Until then, several projects have me occupied: the planning of the Toa Nafasi inaugural "friend-raiser" to be held later this month at the home of a dear family friend in Washington DC; the fine-tuning of the webpage and other branding materials; discussions with and expansion of the U.S. board of directors; and, of course, the bane of my existence: budgeting, business banking, and fundraising.  What they say about money is true: it really does make the world go 'round, but it also is the root of all evil!  Well, maybe not all evil, but I'll say it is a necessary evil and, at least for me, managing it is a bloody headache!!  Be nice to get enough funds in the bank in order to hire an accountant....

Anyhoo, I leave you for this week with images of the just-printed Toa Nafasi brochure which I totally adore.  My design guy, a Mississippian with a bent for "African time," might be a tad slow to deliver but he is a genius!!  Kudos to Mr. Scott Livingston for all his hard work!!


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