Sunday, November 17, 2013

Postscript from the Front Line

Mwalimu Vumi continues to rock my world this week, which is fantastic since I am truly about to lose my mind in the final planning stages for the inaugural Toa Nafasi "friend-raiser" which will take place in Washington DC this coming Wednesday.  Food has been ordered, a screen and projector have been rented, and RSVPs have been counted.  So far, 61 lucky souls are scheduled to be in attendance at the party with me acting as the emcee/ringmaster.  I seriously don't think I have been this excited/anxious/terrified of having to perform in front of so many people since my Bat Mitzvah.  Oy vey.

Anyhoo, back to Vumi.  Her latest email to me reads thus: 

Pole na kazi mwalimu, naamini sherehe itaenda vizuri, usijali rafiki.  Sasa tumeanza mitihani tangu Jumatatu, nimefanya hojaji na Baba Emmanuel Jumanne, hakuna tatizo kubwa labda ukirudi apelekwe kwenye speech therapy.  Jumamosi kuna semina Gabriella nimepewa mwaliko inahusu special needs.  Nimefurahi sana kuona blog yako, ni nzuri.  Walimu wengi wa Msaranga wanakuulizia sana, ina maana wanakupenda na ninakupenda kwa sababu unaipenda kazi yako. 


Sorry for work, teacher, I believe the event will go well, don't worry, friend.  Now we have started exams since Monday, I did the questionnaire with Baba Emmanuel on Tuesday, no big problems, maybe when you return he should be taken for speech therapy.  Saturday, there is a seminar at Gabriella for which I was given an invitation, it concerns special needs.  I am really happy to see your blog, it is good.  Many teachers in Msaranga are asking for you, meaning they love you and I love you because you love your work.

I mean, seriously?  Could she be any more adorable and amazing?  I am so lucky to have her as a friend and colleague.  To quote Jerry Maguire (sort of): She had me at "habari."
Okay, gotta run and practice my PowerPoint presentation for the event....I'm considering it the 2013 version of my Haftorah portion....

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