Monday, July 27, 2015

Kesho Basi

Dear Friends of The Toa Nafasi Project,
My heart is breaking as I write these words and I can't even believe what they mean.  I've not yet wrapped my head around the events of the past couple days as they've been such a blur....
Vumi Temba - colleague, friend, sister - died last week and will be buried tomorrow, Tuesday, July 28, 2015.  

Her death was shocking and unexpected, and the empty space she has left behind is palpable and, at this particular time, I cannot see when it won't be....

I am not of a good mind to write much more now, so I ask you all who read this blog to take a moment of silence, just a tiny beat in the rhythm of your daily lives, and give us a care.

Not just for me as Sarah or us as Toa Nafasi, but for Vumi's family and friends especially her young daughter Grace, and for all the schoolchildren whose tattered notebooks slid under her red pen, whose playground squabbles she mediated, whose runny noses she wiped, whose earliest learning experiences she helped shape into positive memories.
Mwl, kesho basi, tutaonana tena mara ya mwisho alafu najua itabidi uniache.  Nitakukumbuka daima....


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