Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Clean It Up

Still working on my epic Kili blog - apologies for the delay - but I've been otherwise occupied the last few days enjoying the tail-end of Mama's visit before she heads back to the States later this week.

Until I get that masterpiece posted, please check out this cute story out of Boston, Massachusetts.

Titled "Special Education Students Remake Taylor Swift Video, Hope For School Visit," it'll bring a smile to your face, for sure.

I only hope T-Swizzle comes through for these guys!  Otherwise, I am never-ever-ever listening to another one of her so-cheesy-you-need-crackers-but-secretly-a-guilty-pleasure country/pop songs again!!


When Taylor Swift heads to Foxboro later this week, a group of local students wants to make sure she considers a stop at their school, and they're taking their campaign to social media.

The students from the Assabet Valley Collaborative's Evolution program, which teaches life skills to students with special needs, turned Swift's "Shake It Off" into "Clean It Up," with lyrics about daily chores.

"When I get up out of bed every day, day, day, I always make my bed with no delay.  I brush my teeth, wash my face, face, face, then I'm off, then I'm off," the students sing.

The video has been viewed on Facebook thousands of times.

Special Education Students Remake Taylor Swift Video, Hope For School Visit « CBS Boston
These students are so inspiring to us all!  Please share this video," staff members say.

Swift plays Gillette Stadium on Friday and Saturday, and teachers say the students have been asking if she can visit them.

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