Thursday, July 31, 2014


Okay, this post makes decidedly less sense since I'm way late to put it up, but the title refers to "Friday" nicknamed by Tanzanians the country over as Furahi-day, furaha being the Swahili word for "happiness."  At any rate, using the magical powers of TFT or "Tanzania Flex Time," I am posting this entry on the following Thursday afternoon and I am hoping no one will think the less of me for it....?!

Anyhoo, every Friday, the staff at Toa Nafasi takes a break from teaching to get down and dirty with the students and have some fun and games.  This past week was a very special Furahi-day as it was Angi's first back at school and we decided to celebrate by making paper-bag puppets, dancing the Macarena, and duckpin bowling.

Enjoy the shots below!!

 My example of a paper-bag puppet.
 Students making their own puppets.
 Evelyn and Dorin helping the kids decorate their bags.
 Vumi's daughter Grace just HAD to get in on the action.
 A happy student with his finished product.
Derick's puppet knew only two words: Mambo? and Poa!
 Puppets a-plenty!
Vumi and her mini-me.
 Angi and Evelyn demonstrating the Macarena.
 Vumi shaking her groove-thang.
Yes, technically, there IS a booty-slap in the Macarena.
But it's still good, clean fun!
Polepole, getting the hang of it....
Angi helping a girl with bowling,
Grace asking her mama when it will be her turn....
Bowling in motion.
 And sweet treats to end the day: juice and biscuits!!

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