Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Tanz-iversary to Me!

Okay, I know I promised no more silly posts, but allow me this last one as I celebrate my SEVENTH year of living/working in Tanzania!  

It's true, it was July 4th, 2007 that I first set foot in this country which has now become my second home and where I spend the better part of every year.  

I remember leaving New York that day having upped and quit my book publishing gig and packing two huge suitcases of "necessities" for my initial six-month volunteer stint.  I had considered Peace Corps, but went with another volunteer organization, thinking at the time, "I'll never spend two years in Africa!"  Little did I know then that I would pass exponentially more time than that in the Tee-Zed!!  

I also remember writing on my former blog, Legally Tanzanian, "What better way is there to celebrate your country's independence than by leaving it?  Isn't that the ultimate act of independence?"

Hmmmm, kind of prophetic, no?

And now, here, seven years later, I can celebrate my American-ness on this Independence Day; but, I can also celebrate my patriotism to not one but two countries I call home, the freedom I am lucky enough to have to be able to move between them, and the chances to visit all the other amazing places I've been to along the way.

So, thank you to whatever forces out there have given me this amazing life.

In commemoration of this fateful day, I leave you with two selfies: the first was taken my first night in Moshi, at the Ngowis' house in Soweto, and the second just now in my own house in Shanty.  Oh, how time flies!!

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