Sunday, August 10, 2014

Additional Faces of Edwin Ludovick

This'll be real quick since I'm already running late to start my day/week, but I wanted to put something up since I haven't posted in far too long.
A couple weeks back, I wrote about a young man named Edwin Ludovick who is a Standard One student at Msaranga Primary but is not, in fact, part of The Toa Nafasi Project.
He is doing exceptionally well in school actually, especially given his proclivities for trouble-making.  Still, he loves to come by the Toa Nafasi classroom and rabble-rouse in his spare time.  Check the latest from Ludo below!
Hamming it up on the far left.
Lord of the flies, liege of Liliput.
He walks a lonely road, the only one he's ever known....
Teacher's pet.

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