Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You Stay Classy, Tanzania

It's an election year in Tanzania and the big decision will take place in just a couple months.

Typically, TZ can be said to be a "one-party democracy" with Chama cha Mapinduzi (the Party of the Revolution) dominating the political landscape.

Back in the early days post-Independence, CCM was the party of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, TZ's first president and the father of the nation.  During Nyerere's time, CCM was a champion of African socialism and a proponent of Ujamaa, the idea of collectivized agriculture.

Modern-day CCM is a lil' less hippy-dippy.  The idea of communalism has been fairly replaced by free market economism, and I'm not gonna throw shade at any one politico, but corruption is not *unheard of.*

Anyhoo, check out this piece from the Tanzania Daily News about the current CCM campaign.  This guy, Magufuli, is certainly not shy about promising the sun and the stars - we shall see if he can make good as surely, he will be the next Tanzanian prez.

Nevertheless, I'll try to find something similar for the main opposition party, Cha Dema, for next week's post.



Tanzania: CCM Starts Campaign in Style

Launching the 2015 CCM Union presidential campaign in Dar es Salaam on Sunday, the party's candidate, Dr. John Magufuli, and his running mate, Ms. Samia Suluhu Hassan, pledged stronger commitment to industrial economy and improved social services.

Addressing thousands of party supporters at the Jangwani Grounds in the city, Dr. Magufuli said that once given mandate as president, he will ensure sustainability of the Union, and will not entertain tribalism.

Moreover, he will have zero tolerance for corruption and public mismanagement, adhering to practices of good governance and human rights advocacy to quench Tanzanians' thirst for development.

He said more efforts will be made in the industrial sector as he believes in creating a country that will be an industrial economic state by incorporating investors.

"We will work very closely with the investors to put up industries.  This task will not be undertaken by the state alone.  Bureaucratic public servants should find a way out as I will not entertain those who will fail to deliver on time," the presidential candidate vowed.

"I will transform this country into an industrial economy.  I will put more effort on the development of the industrial sector by putting up more new industries and increasing employment opportunities by 40 percent," said Dr Magufuli.

In the education sector, he said since the party's election manifesto promises free education from primary to secondary school level, he will come up with a new system that will make it work without any hitches.

"As for students pursuing higher education, their loans will be given before the beginning of the semester, unlike now when they have to stage boycotts to receive the loans," he stressed.

Improvements to the health sector will come in the form of new dispensaries in all villages to reduce the cost of sending patients for treatment abroad.  By upgrading the existing referral hospitals, Dr. Magufuli believes citizens will soon think of Tanzania as an alternative when it comes for quality medical services.

Dr. Magufuli's biggest hopes are for the agricultural sector, which is currently being looked at as politically deserted.  By ensuring the availability of agricultural inputs, land ownership and an assured market for agricultural produce, he thinks that he can turn this state of affairs around.

Turning to livestock, a cabinet portfolio for which Dr. Magufuli once held, he says he will look into new ventures, and will especially try to resolve pastoralist-farmer conflicts as well as put up industries that will add value to the products to boost revenue generation.

"The rivalry that has been there between the business community and the government will be dealt with accordingly so that at the end of the day they create a beneficial environment for both groups for increased revenue collection," said the presidential candidate.

Dr. Magufuli further noted that he will transform the city of Dar es Salaam by putting up a railway line and flyovers to solve the problem of traffic jams in addition to putting up more physical infrastructures countrywide.

He also pointed out that the police force should get the best and most sophisticated equipment that will help them deliver services to the fullest as well as providing them better incentives.

Neither will Dr. Magufuli ignore constructive issues floated by the opposition parties as he believes in working together for national economic development and people's improved welfare.

He singled out journalists in the country for special praise, pledging to improve their welfare and safe-being as he underscored the need for them to use their pens wisely and guard against misreporting.  As the nation is heading towards the general elections, he hopes at the end of the day, the journalists will keep the Tanzanian people as one.

Earlier, his running mate, Ms. Suluhu Hassan, affirmed that she will empower women by giving each village 50m/- for economic projects while as a mother herself, she will work to ensure improved services in water and health services countrywide, which will particularly benefit women and mothers.

She promised to bring clean and safe water services near the communities whereas dormitories will be constructed so that school-age girls can study in a better environment.

Together with Dr. Magufuli, Ms. Suluhu Hassan said come 2020, the people in rural areas will be enjoying clean and water services by 85 percent while people in urban areas will enjoy such services by 95 percent.

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