Monday, September 28, 2015

"Count on Me, We're Going to Make Everyone Happy"

With three weeks to go until the presidential election, it's my understanding the political heat in Tanzania is ON!  I've just been perusing the headlines from the Tanzania Daily News, and found the article below mildly interesting, especially as it regards my specific little niche in the Tee-Zed.

With all the things that the candidates have been promising lately, I have to say I was refreshed (and mildly surprised) to see any attention shown to the disabled community.  Usually, it's all the big-ticket issues that get the banners and us little people and our probs are left in the dust.

It may be naively optimistic of me to think that this dude, Japhary Michael, will put his money where his mouth is, but you know what they say....  Hope floats!

Moshi Urban Cha Dema parliamentary candidate, Mr. Japhary Michael, has pledged to work for the cause of people with special needs, from those in nursery schools to adults in homes and public places.

Addressing a campaign meeting here in Moshi, Mr. Michael said he will see to it that all schools from the lower levels up are equipped with friendly infrastructure for children with disabilities.  "For quite long, vulnerable groups who need special attention have not been attended to properly.

It is my promise to them that I'll concentrate on this matter as a priority.  Count on me, we're going to make everyone happy because God created us all in his own image.  We should support each other," he said.

He said there are some pupils who have difficulties in following lessons because of their physical limitations, and that Cha Dema will ensure they are either enrolled in special schools, or regular schools are provided with extra kits for special needs students.

The outgoing Moshi Municipal mayor said he would ensure the needed infrastructure is fitted in public buildings and that "from now on, all new buildings should be built with the idea of the disabled using them."

Mr. Michael noted that, if elected, his office would strengthen and work with the disabled societies to raise awareness of their rights in society, and use education as a major weapon against injustice and discrimination.  He would coordinate the activities of various non-governmental organizations dealing with the disabled to mobilize resources.

Mr. Michael is contesting the Moshi Urban parliamentary seat for the first time after the retirement of Mr. Philemon Ndesamburo, also of the same party.  He faces stiff competition from Mr. Davis Mosha of the ruling of Chama cha Mapinduzi and ACT-Wazalendo's Mr. Buni Ramole, who defected from CCM after losing preferential polls.

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