Tuesday, September 22, 2015

International Association of Special Education 2015

Greetings all.  Please check out the post below penned by my Toa Nafasi colleague, Angi Stone-MacDonald.

Angi was recently in Wroclaw, Poland to attend the biennial conference of the IASE and rep the Project in the process.  Here are her thoughts....


Attending the International Association of Special Education (IASE) Conference in Poland was so much fun.  The University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw was a fabulous host and my whole experience in Poland was excellent.  I highly recommend visiting Poland, if you have not.  It is a beautiful and very interesting country in its history.

The sessions at the conference were interesting and offered a lot of variety and the opportunity to learn about new ideas and meet wonderful people.  I also enjoyed reconnecting with friends from other organizations I participate in, in addition to friends from IASE.

I participated in two sessions related to the work of The Toa Nafasi Project.  The first was a research presentation that I delivered about the Project and its results.  It was attended by about 10-12 people with a very interested crowd that offered good feedback on the presentation and the results.

The second session was volunteer service program information session about the various programs in Tanzania with volunteer opportunities.  That session was standing room only and people were very interested in Toa Nafasi, as well as some of the other locations.  I think that it will yield at least a few volunteers sometime in the future.

The conference is a great opportunity to connect researchers, faculty, and practitioners from around the world.

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