Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blink Blink, or Can't Stop the Cuteness Redux

This is just a silly, throwaway post as it is a holiday weekend here in the U.S. and I am actually swamped with other work at the moment - finances, fundraising, and feelin' funky (I jest....) - but still, I wanted to put something up for the week.

The first "Can't Stop the Cuteness" video back in March featured my little mchumba (fiance) Baraka with his toothless grin and stuttery speech.  This vid shows Haika (aka Blinky Ghost from Pac-Man) with her bucktooth smile and, well, blinky eyes.  

I know I am poking good fun, but this video actually makes my heart fill up because this was the same day as the Lego-building episode and she was really up and down that day.  Haika comes from a pretty horrible home situation - mama died a while back, auntie *raises* her (not very well, IMO) - and Haika is prone to some very scary personal risks to which her intellectual impairment has left her even more vulnerable than your average seven-year-old.  We have had a tough time breaking through to her even just on a psych/emo level, forget about trying to get anywhere academically, and I think she is probably a candidate for Gabriella, but we are monitoring her in Msaranga for the moment.
Anyhoo, the day of the wageni/Lego-building, Haika stuck to me like glue, chattering away at my side, so I got out my camera and prepared to take some video.  Well, what do you know?  The girl is camera-shy!  As soon as I started rolling, she clammed up and all I got was a few moments of slow blinking, which were actually pretty adorable in and of themselves.  Oh well, at least you can enjoy her precious smile and take my word for it....this girl has found her voice!!

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