Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Seasons Greetings 2013

Greetings, readers!  I hope everyone is in fine form this Christmas season!!  I am well, currently on a brief stopover in Amsterdam on the way to Kilimanjaro.

I, along with my parents (sister couldn't come as she is an OR doc, but is sorely missed) are enjoying all that the city has to offer before returning me back to my second home (and life's work!) in Moshi.  It's cold and rainy here and I am poorly dressed for the weather, having packed for the 85-degree heat of Tanz, but we are managing to survive with the help of some gorgeous museums and sumptuous restaurants.

Not too much more to report at this time except to share this video taken at the Concert Gebouw; to me, there is nothing more iconic nor evocative of the holiday season than the sounds of Handel's Messiah.
Merry, merry and happy, happy!!  Next week, I write from Moshi!!

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