Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mo'Town, Mo'To Do

Habari zenu, dear readers??!!  I hope this post finds you all well and in fine form.  As for me, I'm doing okay though slightly under the weather as I navigate back into life in the Mosh.
I returned to town Christmas day with Mama and Baba in tow and we spent a lovely four days together seeing friends in town, visiting Msaranga, and shopping in Arusha.  They left just before New Year's and I was on my own again.  It's been pretty good so far, very few snafus in reintegration except for a rather dramatic sinus infection that has left one side of my face (nostril, ear, etc) fully clogged.  I feel like the Phantom of the Opera looks though no one but me can tell any difference....and if I'm talking loudly because of it, it's certainly not that much louder than my usual decibel....
New Year's Eve in Moshi was fairly uneventful, for me at least.  I skipped the bar scene, opting instead for dinner with friends.  We had planned on Scrabble/Boggle or movies afterward but we scrapped even that subdued plan for a good night's sleep.  Clearly, I am getting older....!  The desire to dance atop tables and make merry into the wee hours has lost any appeal whatsoever!!
Which is good, because now I am on the mend from this infection and gearing up to start my fieldwork again.  School starts on Monday, January 13th but Mama T wants time to register the new class before me and Vumi come in to observe them.  Sawa, I need the time to get myself together and prepare.  I've got to catch up with Baba Ngowi, Vumi wants me to go out to Gabriella Center and meet with Brenda about our last group of kids, I need to go through Angi's new version of the assessment and go to Arusha and print all the components.  Sigh.  Then, there's this blog and the website to keep up-to-date, emails to answer (don't even get me started, my inbox is full to the brim), and banking issues.  I think I'll be keeping busy this month while I'm waiting on school, don't you??!!
Anyhoo, I'm off to dig in to this ginormous to-do list now, but I will post again later this week.  For any of you who are waiting for an email or phone call from me, samahani sana!!  Just a lil' busy now, but I'll get in touch soon.
Be well all, and happy new year 2014!  May it be AMAZEBALLS!!

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