Friday, September 6, 2013



So, I've been back in the USA just over a week now and things are going great.  I've had a couple meetings, and plans for the website and collateral are back underway as well as preparations for not one but TWO fundraising events.  It will be a lot of work but, as usual, I am up to the challenge.  Plus, even though my work in Moshi was also pretty full-on, it was of a vastly different nature, so I am definitely ready to tackle tasks of this variety for a while and then I'll be in good standing to go back to Msaranga at the end of the year.

I'm not gonna lie though; it ain't easy to leave your "baby" behind, even in the best of hands and for just a short time like three months.  Fortunately, Vumi is coming strong out of the gate and I woke up this morning to the following email from her:

Pole na safari mwl naamini umefika salama.  Naendelea vizuri na watoto wote wanaendelea vizuri.  Tuna mgeni, Esta Mgeleja, nimempa mtihani, hajui kusoma, ataendelea twisheni na mwl.  James Daudi amehama.  Calvin George nae anataka kuhama.  Bado Mama Aroni hajafika kwa hojaji.  Kesho tutafunga shule kwa wiki moja, darasa la saba wanafanya mtihani.  Pia nitaanza kuwakumbusha wazazi kwa wiki ya therapy Gabriella.  Kazi njema.

Basically, it's an update regarding a new student whom she tested, a couple kids who have moved, and some other news at school.  Bless her little heart for sending it in such a timely manner with such complete information!  Does this girl know me or what?!  And to think, just a couple months ago, she had never even touched a keyboard.  Next year, methinks we're getting her a Skype account and opening her Twitter feed....

I'm off to NYC in a couple hours having rested for the holidays (Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, my mom's birthday) here in DC.  This coming week has me working hard on the web copy and other publicity materials, and I'll post again next week with more maendeleo.  Until then, a few photos from a world away....


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