Friday, September 20, 2013

Can You Hear Us Now?

Last week, I gave mad props to the ladies of the Tee-Zed, but this week I'm giving them to the kiddies.  Again, outta the Tanzania Daily News earlier this month, there was an article that caught my roving eye.  It was titled "Children with Disabilities in Kagera Form Own Council" and concerns a group of deaf children living in the northwestern region of the country.  Check it out.


Children with disabilities in Kagera region have formed their own council and elected office bearers.  At their annual general meeting held in Bukoba municipality on Wednesday, September 4th, Wilfred Wilbard from Mugeza Co-Educational School for the Deaf was elected chairman while Gelda Geofrey from Muleba district was elected vice-chairperson.

The members also elected Roja Macheli from Misenyi as district secretary general while Jeremiah Nestory from Muleba District became assistant secretary.

Others elected were Digna Damagi from Muleba district (treasurer) and  Prosper Anseth from Misenyi district (assistant treasurer).

Kagera Regional Community Development Officer, Charles Mafwimbo, appealed to residents in the region to give priority to children with disabilities in order to enable them get education, shelter, health services, and other social amenities.

He said all the seven districts of Bukoba, Muleba, Biharamulo, Ngara, Karagwe, Kyerwa and Misenyi had been directed to set up special schools to cater for children living with disabilities.

He noted that children living with disabilities had equal rights like other children and urged people to avoid stigmatizing this vulnerable group.


Kudos to these kids and the RCDO of Kagera for taking initiative and putting the rights and needs of those living with disabilities at the forefront.  Hongera sana!

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