Tuesday, August 6, 2013


No, the title for this blog entry does not involve a fully articulating five-function robot who can read my mind, nor is it my new email address.  Rather it's a nod to my acronym-loving Tanzanian brethren regarding my most recent spate of work endeavors.

TX refers to "therapy" and OT stands for "occupational therapy."  KCMC is the shorthand for Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center where these delightful activities take place.  Got it?

In the last couple of weeks, as we've moved into the referral and curriculum modification phases of the pilot project, we have consulted with various other organizations in Moshi that work with children, education, and/or disability.  I have mentioned some of them before and will continue to keep all my readers posted on our growing relationships.  One of the most important affiliations we have established is with KCMC, the big referral hospital in Moshi that is considered one of the best medical environments in the country.  This is where we met Godfrey, the social worker who I mentioned in one of my last entries, and also Vivian, an occupational therapist who smiles like sunshine and is amaaaazing with the kids, so much so that even Vumi noticed.

On our first visit, Godfrey spent time with each child and his/her guardian individually while Vivi watched the rest as a group.  Check out the play-by-play below:

Vivi and some of the Msaranga kids sit at the table while another therapist works with an infant with cerebral palsy.

Parental involvement is CRUCIAL, so we encourage their participation in order that they understand everything that is going on.

OT activities are often tactile and physical in order to gauge the child's motor skills (Can he run a straight line?  Can he put a puzzle together?) and social skills (Does he prefer to play alone or with others?  Does he share?)

Haika fell in love with this doll and cared for her almost as well as this real mama and mtoto beside her!

Blocks are kinda a big deal for these kids.  I wish I could get excited about ANYTHING as much as these nuggets get excited about blocks.

All in all, I'd have to say it was a great day for psychosocial services in Moshi!

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