Friday, December 5, 2014

Project Darasani

Part of my work with The Toa Nafasi Project is to be aware of other NGOs involved with the education sector in Tanzania.  I have Google alerts set, my internal radar up, and my "Momager" (recently retired mother who has developed a strong interest in helping with (read: running) the Project) on the scent.  I found the following radio interview between Atlanta high school student Saloni Sharma and the local National Public Radio affiliate there online.  It describes Project Darasani, an initiative to send school supplies and books to Tanzania.

Saloni talks about Tanzanian primary education being free but "not really" once you factor in the cost of uniforms, books, lunch, and other materials.  She discusses how Project Darasani, which she founded herself, gathers up supplies for donation and distributes them in TZ every year.  The "kids helping kids" program has put 16 Tanzanian children through school and collected more than 15,000 supplies of various sorts.
Kinda cool, right?  Makes me think a.) how I can perhaps have a similar branch of Toa Nafasi in which American kids provide much-needed school supplies to their Tanzanian counterparts and thereby feel a sense of camaraderie with the kids they are helping, and b.) when am I going to get an NPR segment??  Better ask my Momager....!!

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