Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Breakfast Club

Okay, so I am working on a big piece to share with you about the end of the Observation Period and the start of Assessment, but as usual, where do I find the time??  One week into Assessment, and out of 129 students, only 22 remain to be tested!!  Perhaps, Vumi, Yacinta, and I ought to give ourselves a congratulatory holiday for being *totes amazeballs* and getting the job done in record time?!

At any rate, that entry on the serious side of things is most definitely forthcoming, but until then, as my time with the students always leads me to uncovering funny and cute things about them, here's a funny/cute blog post: the new and improved Breakfast Club for this millennium!

So, cue up your Simple Minds cassette, fold n' roll your favorite 501s, and check out the 2014 Brat Pack!!

Our "princess," Claire, is a little girl whose favorite pastime
is coming up to the teacher's table and telling me
in a Hello Kitty voice that her classmates are misbehaving.
Well, gosh, Claire, thanks for the update!

This little boy could pass for Emilio Estevez's "athlete"
though I've no idea if he actually likes sport.
I just thought he was a healthy, well-fed specimen, so why not?!
(Remember the infamous lunch scene in the movie?)

In this production, the "criminal," Bender will be played
by the previously introduced Baraka, who is hardly as nasty
as Judd Nelson was (especially given that he's in the first grade),
but his cheekiness wins him the title.
Love this kid.

Our "brain" is more of your typical dorkus malorkus
than a straight-up dweeb, doing all the silly things
Anthony Michael Hall would do in a John Hughes' movie....
a less intrusive take on the Atomic Wedgie here....
self-inflicted, it appears....

I hesitate to give this young man the moniker of "basket case,"
even in jest, but Ally Sheedy's is the only character left,
and I suppose it's suitable only for his appearance.
He is actually quite capable (and HUGELY lovable)....
if a little open-mouthed....

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