Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hello Foto

Pole sana, dear readers, but it's been kinda a crappy week.  I don't want to bring you all down with my moody blues, so I decided this entry will be an exercise in photojournalism.  

Let's hope by next week, I'll have returned to my normal chatty self!
Kissing cousins: our little heroine, now happily residing
at the Gabriella Center in Kibosho, gets a visit from a familiar face.

Walimu wetu (Our teachers): Could the ladies of Toa Nafasi
be any hotter?  Vumi and Yacinta chillax while waiting
for a meeting at Gabriella.

"We're gonna open a book, and read every word we can see.
We're gonna give you the power to learn about everything,
'cause the power's gonna set us free.
We're gonna turn it on; we're gonna bring you the power.
It's comin' down the line, strong as it can be,
through the courtesy....of THE ELECTRIC COMPANY!"
(or in this case, of TOA NAFASI?)
Okay, I know over-sized clothes are all the rage
amongst today's youth, but seriously??
No matter, by this time next year,
they'll be up round his bellybutton!
Just to be clear, I am NOT poking fun of this young gentleman
and his healthy appetite.  He's an adorable little boy.
He just really loves lunch.
And the line forms here!
When it's hot and dusty in the classroom at the end
of a long school day, sometimes the best place thing to do
is pop a squat under the shade of a lil' old tree!!

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