Monday, April 24, 2017

Graph Math

Yo yo yo, hey there everybody, and many salaams from a cold and windy New York City.  I have been back in the States just about one week and, aside from missing Drogo (the best housecat in all of Tanzania), I am starting to enjoy Western amenities once again.

For one thing, abundant and unfettered Wi-Fi at all hours of the day and night makes my heart sing with joy.  It truly does help to have access to the best technology when trying to address these "off-the-ground" tasks that Toa operations require.

When I'm in Moshi, I am almost glad when I can't get online as I have generally been in school all day, surrounded by over-excited munchkins and trying to make myself understood in another language.

Either that, or taking meetings with local government types trying to make myself understood in my own language but regarding concepts that at times seem so foreign to them, we might as well all be speaking Mandarin.

So, suffice it to say, it's nice to be able to work freely on the computer and not have to worry about auto-saving every five seconds....just in case!

One thing I've been in a big hurry to post are the results of our third test of last year's cohorts, something I had trouble doing from Tanzania due to PDF - TIFF - JPEG yadda yadda.

As you all know from a couple blog entries back, Kaitlin and I went to see Angi in Zanzibar at the end of March where we were schooled in the art of data entry.  Once entered, this data informs the graphs that Angi creates demonstrating the efficacy of our Project.

For 2016, we have now tested the cohorts at each school for the third and final time and, as expected, the biggest change occurred within the first six months.  Still, it is heartwarming to see that within the second six months, the students were able to keep up with their studies.  This bodes well for their next few years of primary school, in which we hope they will continue to succeed on their own, now knowing coping mechanisms to help them work independently.

Two of our four schools had some shida or problems last year with testing and subsequent data entry, so below please find Angi's graphs for the remaining two.

The numbers speak for themselves, my friends!  The Toa Nafasi intervention at these two schools for the 2016 cohorts have been a grand success!!


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