Sunday, January 29, 2017

Take That, Jeff Sessions!

In an almost perfect coda to last week's entry, I am posting the latest graphs formulated by the inimitable Angi Stone-MacDonald showing the results of last year's cohort in their first six months of intervention.  

Since then, of course, they've undergone another six months of intervention and will need to be tested for the third and final time, but we've not yet started this process.  

Schools just opened up again for 2017 on the 9th of January and predictably, everything is going very polepole.  This is not a surprise.  It happens every year.  After a month off for vacation (Christmas and New Year's festivities galore), the shock of re-entering real life (and work) is quite the doozy.  I guess this is true everywhere but perhaps doubly so in a climate where our winter months are actually the hottest time of the year.  It's quite difficult to get into the whole hapa kazi tu mode when all you want to do is drink cold beers under the shade of a palm tree.  And sleep.
Anyhoo, someone PLEASE tell Jeff Sessions that special education is NOT an indication of the "decline of civility" as he suggests, but rather a way of ensuring that ALL children receive the education they deserve and that is appropriate for their abilities.  

Though, I'm guessing that if he doesn't care about SPED in an American context, he's probably not gonna be swayed by the successes of my little Tanzanian program....  Make America Great Again?  Yeah, right....

PS: You can see that the third child on the second graph, "AH," did not make any progress from Test 1 to Test 2, and we know exactly who he is and have a plan in place to board him at Gabriella.  So despite his lack of progress with Toa, he will be just fine once he's settled in his new classes.  I'm guessing Mr. Sessions would find this VERY perturbing and shockingly inconvenient!

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