Friday, November 18, 2016

Party in the USA

Hi everyone, it continues to be a busy time for The Toa Nafasi Project.  Earlier this week, we held our annual "friendraiser" at my parents' home in Washington DC.  Though we got a good response from our RSVPs, the turnout was rather intimate as many apologetic cancellations came in at the last minute.  I'm blaming it on - like everything else - Donald Trump, and the country's collective depression (minus the nincumpoops who voted for him).
Nevertheless, despite the small, cozy crowd, it was also an engaged and enthusiastic one with a lively Q&A after my short slide show, the reveal of our new Toa video (©Marytza Leiva), and some words from the members of the U.S. Board of Directors.  Many of the guests had already contributed so this was a nice time for them to see where their funds went and to ask questions about the Project.  Thanks to Heidi's prep work, especially on the budget, I was able to answer questions easily and proficiently.  It was a smoother performance than ever before!
I'm now back in New York, working away on donor thanks, email blasts, and website content.  It's a lot of work, but Heidi has been on-point, teaming up with me for this aspect of the work while Gasto and Hyasinta (and the teaching staff!) as well as our TZ Board of Directors hold down the fort at "home."  I am assured all is well in Moshi and we are on track for a productive and successful new year.
To that end, I leave you now with a few photos from the party.  You'll notice a common theme: booze.  Again, with the onset of the Trumpster, alcohol intake is sadly on the rise....  Sigh....
Barbara Finkelstein and Romana Li, members of the U.S. Board.

Mom and Dad.  He had just come from Tax Club, at which someone proposed the abolition of the IRS.  Needless to say, he was rather worked up....

The spread.  Waaaays too much food.  We're Jews....

Guests milling about.

Guests enraptured and impressed by Team Toa and our amazing Project!

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