Monday, July 18, 2016

Wake Up, TZ!

From the Tanzania Daily News, see below an article titled "Government Solicits Private Sector Support to Improve Education."

Hmmmm, whatever happened to "Hapa Kazi Tu"???? 

C'mon Tanzania, help US help YOU!!!!


The government has urged the private sector and development partners to support the education sector through monetary contributions.

The call was by the Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Ashatu Kijaji, during a recent fundraising gala for the education sector.

The event was held in Mwanza and organized jointly by a non-governmental organization, the Angeline Foundation, in collaboration with the Ilemela Municipal Director, John Wanga, and the Ilemela District Commissioner, Dr. Leonard Masale.

Dr. Kijaji said that the private sector has to cooperate with the government and ensure that there is availability of better education infrastructure in the country.

"Let's work together to bring development for the benefit of our country.  We should start with education."

"You, as the private sector, have a greater role to play," the minister said.  "The government alone cannot afford to incur all expenses for development issues.  This is the responsibility of each one of us.  I appeal to you to contribute the little you have for education."

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