Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hello, my dearest readers, and a BIG pole sana for not providing an original blog entry lately.  I have been extremely busy in school and with Mama and her friend (and Toa Nafasi board member!) Barbara Finkelstein.  It has been an exciting time, entering into the new schools as planned and hosting Mama and Barbara after hours, but also a bit exhausting.  I have discovered that I am actually not Superwoman and have allowed myself a few days' off to rest and relax and gear up for what is bound to be another busy week.

Still, I don't want to leave my loyal viewers without any idea of what we've been up to in these parts, so this entry is gonna be Snapchat-style with a mishmash of our comings and goings, happenings at school and at home, and just the general shenanigans that we've gotten ourselves into.... and out of!  Enjoy!!

Teacher Clara reads the *classic* Sungura ni Mbaya ("The Rabbit Is Bad") to a group of enthralled students.  Check out the open-mouthed agog of the little bugger front and right!

Fridays remain "Fundays" in Msaranga.  This week, I introduced the Etch A Sketch to which Mama Mshiu and Hyasinta took an immediate interest.

I think Teachers Imelda, Rose C., and Rose A. were more frustrated by the toy than anything else!

We also made paper crowns for pirates and princesses which the kids loved.  So did Mama and Barbara and Barbara's "handler," Jackie.

Hyasinta gives Clara a break from the umpteenth reading of Sungura and takes on the task herself.

But not everyday is Friday.  Earlier in the week, Clara taught new teachers, Rose C. and Sara, how to do assessments.

Meanwhile, in the world of politics, new president Magufuli made sure the public heard his stance on some matters of great importance.

And my mom bagged a giant bug.

Over a driving rain, Gasto played motivational speaker and talked to all the teachers, old and new, about the ethos of Toa Nafasi: cooperation, love of children, and strengthening education.

Last weekend, Mama and I went to Arusha where we heard famed primatologist Jane Goodall speak about her work with the chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park in Kigoma, Tanzania.

We also did some shopping at the Cultural Heritage Center where I struggled to pick out a "Pumba" to go with my "Timon."  See: for point of reference....

I also had a hard time picking out a new Uru bracelet to go with the one I got last year after trekking Kili.  I actually really like the way my existing one looks alone with my "Vumilia" bracelet which I had made for myself and all the teachers to honor Vumi.

Last but certainly not least, I have a new man in my life!  His name is Drogo after the mythical warlord of Game of Thrones fame.  We haven't known each other long, but we fell in love immediately.  He makes me feel like a true Khaleesi!  And Mama approves!!

That's the haps for now, kids, more next week!!

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