Sunday, May 17, 2015

Big Results Now

From a recent article in the Tanzania Daily News:


PM Lays Stress on Fair Learning

Dodoma — More strategic approaches are to be employed to improve the learning environment in the country, Premier Mizengo Pinda has said, insisting that providing education to the Tanzanian child is constitutional.

Officiating at the opening of Education Week here, the Prime Minister said there was no excuse for any child to miss out on schooling as the government was working round the clock to ensure its effective provision.

"Our constitution clearly states that every child must get education.  It is not a thing to be debated.  As government, we only have to do one thing - to ensure that every child gets it," he noted.

This year's Education Week started Monday, May 11th and is to run through Friday, May 15th under the theme 'Quality Education; the Child's Right for National Development.'

Mr. Pinda said that celebrating Education Week came at the right time when the country was joining the rest of the world in evaluating the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

One of these MDGs was to ensure universal education for all, a thing which Mr. Pinda explained had been one of the priorities of the fourth phase of government.

The Prime Minister noted that marking Education Week was the government's brainchild to ensure effective implementation of the Big Results Now (BRN) initiative in the education sector.

He noted that the week includes exhibitions aimed at showcasing a number of successes so far recorded in the sector.

"Through these exhibitions, the general public will have enough time to learn the various achievements we have recorded since we started implementing the BRN initiative.

There are also number of challenges that we have faced; these are what we need the public to understand," he asserted.

The Premier added that apart from demonstrating achievements in the sector, Education Week was also a platform to honor students, teachers, councils, and regions which recorded outstanding performance in the Standard Seven and Form Four national examinations.

"We are doing this to motivate teachers and students to increase our efforts.  We are also creating friendly competition amongst our schools and students," he noted.

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