Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Brand Newbians

Hi all, and pole sana once again for the long silence.  I was in Arusha last weekend for some meetings and came down with a bit of flu (it was a breezy 85 degrees there as opposed to Moshi's usual balmy 90, which must have thrown my delicate system off) that laid me low and kept me offline for most of the week.  In addition, work has been *totes cray-cray* as the youth these days say, since we've started testing the Standard One kids of this year and training our new cache of teachers.

More in-depth next week, I promise, but in the meantime, please meet the faces of Toa Nafasi circa 2015: Teachers Clara, Dorcas, and Elinami.  Also, check my beautiful sisters, Vumi and Yacinta during assessment.  Do I not work with the most exceptional women in the world??  Hell, yeah!!


As for me, no pic to show you, but my horrifying schedule for March....  Next month, my 4th decade dawns, so y'all will get a good one from that epic event, I promise!!

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