Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back to School

Well, I have been back at school one week now and I can confidently say that Toa Nafasi has definitely had a positive impact on the good denizens of Msaranga.  The differences between the regular Standard One classroom and our Toa Nafasi classroom are astounding.

Of course, the nature of our Project being a pullout program, the two arenas are not mutually exclusive but rather complement each other for those children who are "slow learners."  As I have noted many times before, what we do is to provide remedial support for students who are falling through the cracks academically or seem troubled behaviorally or psychologically.

We pull the kids out of the Standard One class (age 7 or 8) for 40 minutes each day to work one-on-one or in small groups with our trained Toa Nafasi staff.  Then, the kids are returned to the regular class to continue their lessons in an inclusive setting.

In this manner, we are able to assist slow-learning children to cope with their learning differences and to utilize alternate methods for accomplishing their school work.  And, the children, parents, teachers, and school administrators alike are positively thrilled with the results.

Check out the photos and video below .... I don't wanna brag, but .... I HAVE TO!  The learning environment my teachers have created is BEYOND amazeballs; it's the phenoma-bomb!!

Too many kids in the class for the beleaguered Mama T to deal with.  And check the peanut gallery in the doorway.  No wonder she is looking forward to retirement!!

Aaaand .... we've got a sleeper!  The poor kid was rudely awakened shortly after this photo was taken.

Capers, hijinks, and shenanigans ensue as the two Standard One teachers sit in the back of the room.  Really.  They're there.  I swear.  Watch it again.


Two teachers for seventeen kids, all of whom have eyes on the board, busy little bees!

View from the back.  A reasonable student/teacher ratio whereby the instructors can teach a whole class but still provide individual support for those who need it.  NOTE: This particular group of kids have been in the program some months now, so are able to be taught en masse.  The newbies are still (always have been, always will be) tutored one-on-one or in groups no larger than three pupils at a time until they are up-to-speed.

My "sister from another mister" at the head of the class.  Two words: Vumi ROCKS!

The beautiful and soft-spoken Yacinta sits patiently with this little girl, my baby "Snork," Haika, as she practices her numbers.  Still a ways to go, but light-years from where she started.  And, really, who knows where she might end up .... ?


  1. Sarah, good stuff, you are doing amazing work and it's lovely to hear your progress