Thursday, January 15, 2015

Eagle Has Landed

I am happy to report that my dear lil' mama has arrived safe and sound in Moshi for her first month in-country as acting Toa Nafasi secretary and brand-new board member!  Truthfully, I think she *may* be coming to get a wee break from the old ball and chain (Dad can be a handful), but we are thinking this might be the first of many years to come that she will accompany me in the salad days of each Toa Nafasi cycle.

I am really looking forward to having her here though it is by no means her first time in Tanzania.  The woman has already been to Zanzibar (twice), on safari (thrice), and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (which we are scheduled to do again this summer to celebrate our 40th and 70th birthdays respectively).  We shall see if that actually pans out....  She had some choice words about her first trek back in 2008....  Let's just say that no hot shower and no red wine makes mama an angry bear....

Here is the photo chronicle of our reunion at Kilimanjaro International Airport last night.

Rosenbloom ladies do NOT travel light!

A bit blurry but it captures the excitement....  The guy who rented me my first car in Tanz happened to be at the airport and was kind enough to get a shot.  (Interestingly, my doofus friend who accompanied me to the airport was nowhere to be found at this pivotal moment; probably on his cell phone somewhere....  Hmph.)

Okay, we do NOT look our ages.  Thank you mysterious Jamaican-Chinese blood coursing through our veins, may it continue to bless us 'til the end of our days!

And Mama did NOT come empty-handed.  Here are some shots of the booty she was kind enough to mule over for me.

Swahili-language Toa Nafasi brochures to give to the parents and villagers.

New Toa Nafasi tees: brown for men, green for ladies, and yellow for the kids....  CanNOT wait to see my little rugrats running around in the bright yellow!

For when the rugrat-running gets to be a tad too much....

Just desserts after hard work!  These should last a while....!!

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