Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Greetings all, here's hoping everyone is having a great week.  The rain continues to fall here in Kilimanjaro, but I'm told it will make the grasses grow, so I should quit my complainin'!

At any rate, the wet weather hasn't slowed things down much at school and we are still hard at work, tutoring both this year's students and those of 2013.  We are preparing the former for their various referral appointments at KCMC Hospital for vision testing and pediatric check-ups and the latter to be set free and fly solo towards the end of June.

Here, I should note that for those students from last year who continue to struggle with their studies, we will NOT just drop them because they have received a year of Toa Nafasi services.  NO.  Rather, we will continue to work with them and when Angi, Mary Gale, and the SPED lot from the States come in July, we can try to figure out a longer-term solution for those guys.

Case in point: Saidi Salehe, an adorable little guy who this year is repeating Standard One but is still having problems in the classroom.  We will not be able to discontinue his lessons come June because he is really having a hard time and, truth be told, has made very little progress despite Vumi's attentive efforts to get him up-to-speed.  Just the other day, I sat in on his reading/writing lesson with her and watched as he wrote his name from right to left and totally backward.

It was perfect in my compact, but alas, not so perfect on the page.

After further investigation in his notebook, I saw that the day before and the day before that, he had written his name correctly (and presumably from left to right), so this is not a clear-cut case of dyslexia, but maybe something else at play.

Since Saidi is Muslim, Vumi suggested he had recently been to mosque and this was the reason for his "dyslexarabica," but I don't know....I've not heard of many Tanzanian Muslims reading and writing Arabic in these parts!  We must talk to mama and baba and find out what's the deali-o so that, inshallah, we can help little Saidi to fly straight....or at least, from left to right....

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