Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mamma Mia!

I am back at school after about ten days off and my love affair with Mama T continues to flourish.

First thing in the morning upon my return, she greeted me with hugs and kisses, karibu-ing me back left and right.  I was actually just as glad to see her to be honest.  Vacations are good fun, but the break in my schedule and the stoppage of work is always a little tough for me who lives and dies by habit and routine.

Plus, I missed the camaraderie of us teachers in the Standard 1 classroom at Msaranga Primary School.  Needless to say, we settled right back into our ways after the initial salaams, with Mama T haya, haya, haya-ing the kids into quietude, Dada M taking her time writing identical examples and exercises on the board, and me and Vumi catching up about everything from my love life to her wonky fridge to the endless rainy season.

Then, much to my surprise, I was gifted with the kitenge pictured below!  Apparently, Mama T had been awarded a prize for teaching and this cloth was part of her zawadi; amazingly, she chose to share it with me!!  I wanted to suggest we make matching outfits and coordinate days to wear them, but I didn't go that far.

Still, it was such a kind and thoughtful gesture on her behalf and I was deeply touched.  Definitely a bright spot in an otherwise rainy, muddy Msaranga school day.

Angi arrives from the U.S. next week so I hope to produce a great couple of blog entries while she's here.  Assessment due to start very shortly and much more anon!!

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  1. At least here you look lovely after having a long good vacation and now that your back lets hope you will keep looking the same.

    May God bless you in your work