Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Great Debate

I found this online today; it's part of a transcript of a debate that took place in the Haradal School in Arusha with the topic "Parents and Teachers Don't Support Education."  Pretty interesting what kids have to say about this hot-button issue.  Check it out....


Febronia Robert: Our government is the major stakeholder in educationI am saying this because parents do not hire teachers; it is the government.  If they fail to employ enough teachers, parents and students suffer the consequences.  It’s time the government saved our education system.
Mabule Meleck: Our parents play their role.  They pay school fees, evaluate our progress, and follow up on our development at school.  Meanwhile, teachers are not well-paid and teaching materials are not enough; how do we blame them when results are poor?

Halima Msoffe: This is not true because parents struggle to take us to the best schools and support us throughout school.  Even teachers despite working in very difficult environments still work hard at ensuring that we get the best grades.

Anunciata Makoko: Some parents are so busy with work that they hardly pay attention to their children.  Teachers have become unprofessional and they derive joy in activities like going on strike and doing other businesses during work hours.  It’s true that their welfare isn’t well taken of, but does this justify their actions?

Careen Amani: Most parents and teachers are too desperate for academic excellence to think about the child and whether he is good at specific subjects or is talented in one way or the other.  Yes, it a good thing to pass with flying colors, but it would be better if we succeeded at what we love doing.

Faraja Athanas: Teachers and parents are supposed to encourage learners.  Some parents don’t give their children enough time to read at home by heaping lots of chores on them.  I am not saying that children shouldn’t help at home but study time shouldn’t be compromised.


I wish I had been there!!  Each kid has a point, but I particularly like the words of Febronia and Careen.  A.) The government should get its act together and save this system, and B.) I can't say it any better than Careen: "It would be better if we succeeded at what we love doing."  Bull's eye.

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