Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Club Tee-Zed

So, this blog entry is a tad bit late as I have been busy with various dribs and drabs, most notably moving house!!  Yes indeed, I am leaving the solace and sanctuary of Maji ya Chai and headed back to where it all began in Moshi.  This time around, I am NOT living in the center of town where every Tom, Dick, and Harry (Amani, Baraka, and Juma?) can find me, but rather in a quiet residential neighborhood.  Nonetheless, since Moshi is about the size of my high school biology class, I'll keep that data to myself as well.  At any rate, movin' out, but not necessarily up....Kwa heri Club Tee-Zed, and Mambo vipi Moshi!!

From my beautiful "Swiss ski chalet" in the middle of nowhere....

 ....To a pretty nice house in back in the Mo....

....But, of course, neither can compare to home sweet home in the N.Y.C....nyumbani ni nyumbani, si ndiyo?!

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