Monday, September 3, 2012

Fruits of My Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to those of you reading this blog entry from the United States, and happy regular old Monday to everyone else.  I’m currently writing to you from Cacapon State Park in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia where ¾ of the Rosenbloom fam (my sister Julia couldn’t make it being a busy doctor type and all that) are celebrating the end of summer, all-American style.  (We’re also trying not to draw too much attention to ourselves as the mixed-race/mixed-religion, highly educated/highly opinionated bunch of New York Times-reading, CNN-watching, pinot noir-sipping city dwellers we really are since WV is an exceptionally red state, so I’ve taken to going incognito in a Redskins cap and we're all discussing the upcoming election in hushed tones.)

At any rate, I think that this week, for the first time since I left Tanzania, I can finally say that events have occurred worth blogging about!  However, due to time constraints and a faintly "African" internet connection out here in the boonies, you'll have to wait for a more complete update later this week when I am back in Washington and have more time to work and access to a better computer network.  However, I'll leave you with this image of my Tanzanian Certificate of Registration and the news that the IRS has cashed the check accompanying the 501c3 application so they have definitely received the packet and are hopefully on their way to reviewing and approving it.  So allow me to enjoy this last remnant of the first wet hot American summer I've experienced in five years and concentrate on getting out of Appalachia in one piece; expect a full report on Toa Nafasi haps in about one week!

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