Sunday, August 19, 2012

Webinar Schmebinar

Unfortunately, it's been another fairly uneventful work week and I don't have much new to report on Toa Nafasi haps other than some upcoming events.

The first is a "webinar" sponsored by New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies in which I will participate on Tuesday.  Ugh.  I was in a rush when I signed up for this course otherwise I would never, ever, IN A MILLION YEARS, have agreed to take part in a "webinar."  I don't even know what that term means, and I don't want to!  Now, I have to spend part of what should be a lazy Sunday afternoon (I'm currently in my pajamas on the couch, mud mask on my face with a diet Pepsi on my left and a fresh Us Weekly magazine on my right - all the makings for a perfect Sunday chillax session) figuring out how to log into the NYU system and "access the Epsilen online academic platform" in time for Tuesday morning's webinar jam.  It's even more ironic because when I got the email invitation to join the class, I started to register online but huffed off because there were too many damn fields to fill out, so I ended up calling the office instead.  Now it seems there's no way to avoid technology.  Highly annoying.  (And what on earth is "Epsilen"??  Sounds like a depilatory product....)

However, the seminar itself, "How to to be a Successful Fundraiser, Including the Art of the Ask," looks interesting and I think it will be a good way to ease into the fundraising arena (a slightly premature move since I'm still waiting on my 501c3, but definitely in my future.)  Topics to be covered are: planned giving, capital campaigns, annual campaigns, major gifts, the use of technology, and the latest methods of research as well as direction on how to ask for money like where an "ask" should take place, what the best approach is in making an "ask," and who should make it.

The next big thing coming up in a couple weeks is a meeting with a graphic designer about the logo which will then inform the shape and design of the website, promotional brochures, and business cards among other things.  I have a few ideas such as an educational emblem like a pencil or a book, an image of a child engaged in an educational activity, or a symbol representing "opportunity" which is what Toa Nafasi is all about.  Check out a few of the images I found online and feel free to comment on what you all like.  None of these will be the real deal, but they are starting points to work with.

Other stuff in the works: going to Citibank and activating Toa Nafasi's account; keeping up my correspondence about the Project, with folks both here and in Tanzania; organizing a meeting with my U.S. board members to apprise them of the things I accomplished on the trip; a ton of research; a ton of meetings; and framing my official documents including the Tanzanian Certificate of Registration!  So that's where we're at two weeks before Labor Day, and I'm hoping I can get a lot of it done before the break.  We shall see.  At any rate, stay tuned for next week's post which will be sure to include some kind of Sarah-type rant about the webinar.  (I know I should embrace modern technology and the age of innovation, but I HATE IT!!  Which reminds me, I'm overdue for a Tweet....!)  Until then....


  1. My husband is in Moshi until August 30. Excited that this is happening for the kids!! Thanks for all your work! Becky B.

    1. Thank you, Becky. We're still in the early stages, but looks like it's all really happening. Keep checking back for new posts and updates, and best to your husband in Moshi!